Our Story

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY PLACEMENT Is a subsidiary of Edu Geek Education Consultancy. Currently established in Malaysia, Maldives, Sri lanka, Turkmenistan and Bangladesh we intend on Guiding and facilitating students with the needful Information to Education Excellence In International Countries. Established in September 2013 in four different parts of the globe the Consultancy has signed up with some of the top rated universities in Malaysia, Russia, Belarus, Australia, Singapore and Europe. The Consultancy Aims to excel in the field of Education Guidance and provide students with the best possible solutions for their higher Education in programs such as Medicine, Engineering, IT, Business, Hospitality, Accounting and Finance, Psychology and more. Since the company is an International organization it wishes to adhere to the International standards and thrives to improve and provide a greater deal of options along with immediate solution to those students who look for study options abroad. The Future of such students is Truly and sincerely our Priority.


We wish to create awareness on the importance of seeking knowledge, to open the minds of the students to the opportunities that await them in International Universities that would enable them to take the best possible advantage of their Educational Opportunities. Until these Ends meet, we as an organization wish to encourage the students to respect their Ideas and Expression, thus to rejoice and Discover a method of critically evaluating their career pathway, which would help them pursue excellence in their career prospects.


Our Vision is to realize and understand the need of Every Individual who wishes to attain a successful career pathway and to drive the minds of the generations to come into a new era of development, growth and stability.