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• Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) – Russia
• Tver State Medical University (TSMU) – Russia
• Grodno State Medical University ( GRSMU) – Belarus
• Vitebsk State Medical University ( VSMU) – Belarus
• Volgograd State Medical University – Russia
• All Malaysian Medical Universities approved by MMDC

Requirements as for the Maldives Medical and Dental Council. Please refer below link.

***If your result is a 'D' or below in any of the subjects, he/she must apply to Maldives Medical & Dental Council (MMDC) with a request letter (Along with the NID card copy, Educational certificates) To check if he/she meets their entry requirements

• Medical Doctorate ( MD)
• Other Medical Specialization programs

• MD – 6 Years +1 Year Internship
• MBBS – 5 Years
• BDS – 5 Years + 1 Year internship .

English and Russian language as second language (Russian language must be learnt as it will help students to communicate fluently with patients during their internship and clinical experience works.
Yes. Of Course! All universities are recognized by the Maldives Medical & Dental Council (MMDC) | We have documents of recognition and criteria set by MMDC (Kindly check MMDC website for documents). We advise students to apply individually with their educational certificates, Id card copy & a request letter stating the whether the university is recognized and to check whether the student meets the Medical Council Entry Criteria at Roashanee Building, 5th Floor Sosun Magu (Health Ministry Building)

Submit your documents such as Educational Certificates, Passport Copy ( Minimum 2 Years, Validity along with admission and Visa Fee of USD 650 ( Non Refundable and Deductible from the agent fee)

Agent Fee – (One time payment), Services Included.
• Admission & Visa Processing.
• Documentation and Translation Process.
• Certificate Attestation Assistance.
• Medical Checkup assistance
• Accommodation Assistance
• Medical Insurance Assistance
• Airport Pickup at Russia and Belarus ( Russia is 2- 8 hour drive and Belarus is 2-4 hour drive)
• Immigration Clearance
• Familiarization trip to shopping mall and nearby famous land marks
• Immigration Assistance
• Continuous student assistance throughout the students study period.
• Visa Renewal Assistance for students who had to renew passport during the study period.

MD – February and September MBBS – Depends on to the Malaysian Universities ( 2 or 3 intakes per year). It is always better to apply soon to avoid complications with Visa. There are few cases where Visa has got delayed. Let’s hope and pray that it doesn’t happen.
Offer Letter takes 2 weeks minimum or sometimes sooner or sometimes way later as the documents go to university and also to the Russian Immigration for approval. Student Visa takes at least a month in most cases.
VISA card can be used: Withdrawal is in Rubles Or take sufficient dollars from Maldives and get it exchanged in any of these countries and we shall assist in opening a local bank account | this way it saves the bank charges per transaction when sending through Maldives 1 USD$ = 60 Rubles 400-600 Rubles = proper restaurant. Junk food is cheaper | 120 Rubles Shawarma 4000 Rubles Winter Jacket 120 Rubles Hostel to University (Taxi Fare)
Mostly bread, vegetables and meat Note: If you’re a rice person, please do carry a rice cooker as there are no rice cookers available, and Hot & Spicy Chili is a rare find in Russia and Belarus. It best you carry these food items when you leave.
In most cases,students prefer private apartments. We assist all students on private accommodation based on their financial requirement. 3 options will be given for the student to finalize on one as availability of private accommodation is subject to change.
This varies from country to country! Usually apartment costs: USD$ 250 (3 bed room) + USD$ 50 (Water& electricity) in Russia and Belarus. In Malaysia it can cost 200 USD to 300 USD for a room.
Approximately USD$ 200 minimum is enough for food and transport (Subject to personal requirements)
“It is a fee that is charged for processing the Edexcel or Cambridge certificates and equalize with the Russia Ministry of Education when processing your invitation”

When Applying we need the scanned documents of;

1) Educational certificates
2) Passport copy (information Page)
3) USD$ 650

Before Departure To Russia and Belarus:
1) All Educational documents copies must be attested from Education Ministry (8th Floor Velanage) & Foreign Ministry (First Education Ministry which takes 1 hours to attest and then Foreign Ministry, which takes 1 day)
2) Birth certificate copy must also be attested from Education & Foreign Ministry (If in Dhivehi, translate to English and then get it attested)
3) 30 passport photos (preferably blue background)
4) Balance payment of the Agent Fee

Students will have to visit Sri Lanka for Visa and will depart to Russia from Sri Lanka, which is a 5 day process. Accommodation and airport pick will be assisted by IMUP regional representatives along with the Russian embassy process.


MMDC – Letter Samples.

Click here to go to Sample Letters.

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